Italian legal body rules Taranto can continue production

The Italian Council of State has ruled that ArcelorMittal Italia will not have to shut down the hot-end of ​​the Taranto plant within the timing given by the Apulia regional tribunal. This is a temporary decision pending the court hearing on 13 May, Kallanish learns from sources and ArcelorMittal Italia.

Last month the Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale (TAR) Puglia gave the company 60 days to shut down the hot-end at Taranto due to excessive emissions (see Kallanish 15 February). ArcelorMittal and Invitalia, 50-50 partners in the joint venture controlling the former Ilva steelworks, appealed immediately against the closure order.

The Council of State “ordered the suspension of the ruling of the TAR Lecce n.249/2021 with the consequence that ArcelorMittal is not forced to start the procedure to idle the hot end area of the Taranto plants,” ArcelorMittal comments. “The production activity of the plant is going to continue as normal.”

Production, however, remains restricted to below 50% of capacity, a major factor behind the coil supply shortage in Italy that is driving up prices.