Italian rebar buyers shun mill hike

Italian rebar deal prices were stable on-week and on-month amid continued low consumption. This follows a hike attempted in the last September week by local rebar makers, who pushed up prices by €50/tonne ($52), imitating other rebar producers in Europe, sources tell Kallanish.

Transaction values however remain at €280-310/t base ex-works. The high point of the range has increased by €10/t compared to last month, but €310/t is only being achieved for very low quantities. Including extras, domestic rebar is flat at €540-570/t base ex-works.

While producers are asking for €340-350/t base ex-works, agents and distributors are sceptical about any increase while consumption remains so low. Buyers continue to ask for 150-300 tonnes per week, with very few higher-volume contracts. Domestic mesh is meanwhile being sold at about €380-400/t, also unchanged. Buyers must add transport and around €300/t size extras.

One buyer says many infrastructure projects that should be funded by the national recovery fund (PNRR) will not be implemented due to the slow bureaucracy of the government. This means the funds will not be spent by 2026, a key requirement of the European Commission for the allocation of funds.

Natalia Capra France