January global crude steel production down 6.1% : Worldsteel

World crude steel production in January decreased 6.1% to 155.0 million mt from January 2021, the World Steel Association said Feb 22.

The world’s largest steelmaker, China, produced an estimated 81.7 million mt, down 11.2% year on year on low demand, worldsteel said in a statement. European production decreased 6.8% to 11.5 million mt year on year, with production in Germany, the Continent’s largest producer, down1.2% to 3.3 million mt, as the sharp rise in energy costs weighed on volumes.

Turkey produced 3.2 million mt, down 7.8% year on year, while Brazil produced 2.9 million mt, down 4.8%. Japan produced 7.8 million mt, down 2.1%. South Korea is estimated to have produced 6 million mt, down 1.0%.

The second-largest top producer, India, increased production in January by 4.7% to 10.8 million mt. Iran is estimated to have produced 2.8 million mt, marking the largest increase, up 20.3% year on year.

The US produced 7.3million mt, up 4.2%, while Russia is estimated to have produced 6.6 million mt, up 3.3% year on year.

— Annalisa Villa