Kaltenbach.Solutions launches ready-to-install IoT-based Industry 4.0 solution for machine manufacturers

Complementing the end customer business, Kaltenbach.Solutions will be offering digital cloud-based services for machine manufacturers from the 3rd quarter of 2022, who can equip their machines with them as standard. The solution consisting of hardware and software can be attached to all machines used in the processing industry and enables machine builders to enter the digital world in an uncomplicated way. By expanding its target group, Kaltenbach.Solutions expects a significant increase in sales in 2023.

As a market-leading provider of web-based applications for the manufacturing industry, Kaltenbach.Solutions now also makes it easier for machine manufacturers to equip their machines with enhanced digital services. The digital cloud-based services are integrated into the customer’s existing IT and web environment as a so-called “embedded solution”. In addition, Kaltenbach.Solutions supports machine manufacturers in designing and implementing digital business models to shorten time-to-market.

The IoT solution from Kaltenbach.Solutions measures data in real time and displays key figures, machine and operating data as clear graphics. Relevant machine maintenance parameters, applicable regulations and malfunctions are also digitally recorded to simplify predictive maintenance. As an online service, remote maintenance is possible by connecting to the machine control system. Faults or failures are then recorded via a secure VPN connection and rectified using the integrated ticketing system. In addition, machine operators have access to solution-oriented expert knowledge at all times.