Kaltenbach.Solutions professionalizes supply chain for BoosterBOXes 

The growing demand for universally applicable digital devices for measuring performance on machines  in the steel processing industry made it necessary to professionalize the supply chain management of  Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH. A newly established warehouse and shipping center in the Rhine-Main  area will take over Europe-wide shipping of the “BoosterBOXes“.  

In the processing of the steel trade, the topic of “Industry 4.0” has now become part of everyday  working life. More and more companies are using universally applicable digital measuring devices  such as the “BoosterBOX” from Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH as well as specially developed industry  solutions on a daily basis to precisely measure the performance of their machines and increase  performance. Therefore, Kaltenbach.Solutions’ existing delivery systems had to be adapted to the  increasing demand. The challenge was to design an efficient, cost-effective and easily scalable  supply chain management solution. The warehouse and shipping center in the Rhine-Main area features a high-bay storage system and professional packing stations and enables a 24-hour delivery  service of BoosterBoxes to customers in the steel processing industry in Europe.