Kaltenbach.Solutions: substantial increase in growth thanks to 4th generation IoT solution

As a market-leading provider of web-based applications for performance management in the manufacturing industry, Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH has now brought the fourth generation of the BoosterBOX digital measuring device to market maturity. The further development of the innovative hardware and software solution reliably creates transparency at machine and manual workstations and will be available from July 2022.

Interrupted supply chains for hardware components provided the impetus to consistently develop Kaltenbach.Solutions’ innovative solution further in order to remain a reliable supply partner for companies in the manufacturing industry in the future. Another critical factor were the often unstable local networks at the customers’ sites. In addition, the new BoosterBOX was to become usable as an embedded system for the manufacturers of machines and plants.

The basis for the BoosterBOX 4.0 is a milled aluminum housing that can accommodate 60 different variants. Thanks to the modular design, IoT hardware and software are almost infinitely scalable. The digital traceability of all installed components ensures maximum product transparency; fully automated test routines ensure the achievement of high process and product quality. Network stability has also been optimized: For data transfer without interruptions, the boxes are designed with LTE and WiFi network communication. The continuous power supply with the help of a UPS allows a controlled shutdown of the devices at any time in the event of a power failure.

The BoosterBOX 4.0 is only half the size of its predecessor and finds space in the control cabinet even under tight conditions. To simplify the entry into IoT-based performance management for the manufacturing industry, the company is switching to a rental model. Starting in 2023, Kaltenbach.Solutions expects to sell 160 units per month. Complementary, ready-to-install solutions for machine and plant manufacturers, including the MQTT raw and production data servers required for operation, will be available for purchase. The global market launch of the BoosterBOX 4.0 will take place in July 2022.