Kicherer secures carbon-reduced steel from Beltrame

Kicherer, a distributor of mainly long products based in southern Germany, has partnered with Beltrame to supply carbon-reduced merchant bar of Beltrame’s proprietary Chalibria label.

The deal makes Kicherer the first supplier of CO2-neutral merchant bar, the company says, adding that 20% of its portfolio is now CO2-free. “We expect to source more such steel from other mills,” its managing director Eberhard Frick tells Kallanish. Kicherer is also a major distributor of rebar, with several warehouses and bending shops in the country.

On the occasion of the introduction of the new product, Beltrame chief business development officer Carlo Beltrame visited Kicherer’s headquarters in Ellwangen. Chalibria is used in a number of applications in construction, automotive and renewable energies.

Kicherer emphasises its efforts for sustainable use of resources. Among other things, it operates two solar power plant with an annual capacity of nearly 2 GWh, which covers 70% of the company’s power consumption. It highlights that it was awarded for its efforts last year by Nordwest, one of Germany’s big steel purchasing cooperatives.

Christian Koehl Germany