Klöckner launches data tool for emissions tracking

Following the launch of its Nexigen PCF Algorithm for calculating individualised product carbon footprints (PCFs), Klöckner & Co is now introducing a tool for customers’ smart management of PCFs.

The newly-launched Nexigen Data Services technology solution facilitates insights into the CO2 emissions history of products which customers have purchased from the distribution group. In addition, the tool suggests greener alternatives to these products and illustrates the corresponding potential for emissions reduction, Kallanish understands.

Nexigen Data Services visualises the CO2 emissions of a steel product along the entire value chain by means of a CO2 passport. According to Klöckner, this passport cannot be manipulated, thanks to the use of blockchain technology.

To this end, the company has employed Polkadot – an open blockchain technology, which Klöckner claims is the most energy-efficient compared to other blockchains. The use of this technology allows for a high degree of data integrity and resiliency against outages as well as gapless transparency along the value chain, it says.

Christian Koehl Germany