Longs prices to remain elevated throughout 2021: Feralpi

Prices of long products in Italy and Europe are expected to remain elevated until the end of the year at least, says Feralpi Group chief executive Giuseppe Pasini.

In a Siderweb on Tuesday, the executive noted he is not sure if prices will continue to rise, but he is convinced the current trend of high prices in the market will remain for the remainder of the year. Prices are set to continue being supported by international levels, as well as the ongoing demand recovery and good order books in the long products supply chain. “Some companies in our sector already have orders for Q1 2022,” Pasini noted.

According to Kallanish price indexes, northern European rebar prices have returned to the peak of €665/tonne ($799) ex-works base, previously touched in January. European longs suppliers have recently announced new increases, to push prices further up after relative stability in the first few months of 2021. In the Italian domestic market, the January 2021 peak has already been surpassed, with prices now at above €610/t ex-works base.

Emanuele Norsa Italy