Lotter completes modernisation at Würzburg port German rebar bending and distribution group

Lotter has completed the modernisation of its location in the port of Würzburg, on which it spent more than €10 million ($10m).

A large share of the investment was spent on two crane tracks of 120 metres length, with a load capacity of 12 tonnes each. The company also rebuilt the ware and storage house, which holds four stir-up bending machines, two straighteners, two cutting devices, and one welding machine.

The machinery currently processes around 2,000 tonnes/month of reinforcing products. According to site director Tom Klossek, it allows for a much higher capacity in the future. As a special feature, he emphasises the site has added sleeping rooms and utilities for workers, many of which come in from other countries.

The machinery is fully connected with the bending pool of the larger Lotter Group, so that the group can balance the utilisation of its various sites. The location forms a triangle with Lotter’s sites in Frankfurt and Schweinfurt, meaning the group has improved its services in the Rhine-Main region, it tells Kallanish.

In January, the group announced the construction of a new warehouse in Schweinfurt, in northern Bavaria. Like many of its kind, Lotter is also a provider of sanitary equipment and building materials.

Christian Koehl Germany