Lotter group adds processor, keeps investing

Germany’s Lotter group, which is mainly active in rebar bending and distribution. has taken over Hochberger Stahl-Service Center Gmbh (HSS), a steel processing shop offering flame-cutting, milling, sand-blasting, and related services.

HSS is located in Pleidelsheim, part of Ludwigsburg in southwestern Germany, where Lotter is headquartered. It employs 20 people and supplies the mechanical engineering industry, among others. Its takeover will be effective 30 June, Kallanish learns from Lotter.

Another subsidiary also located in Pleidelsheim, Hagelauer Dewald, started operating a new sawing centre with high-bay warehouse at the beginning of the year. The group also reports the commissioning of a new automatic sawing/drilling machine at its headquarters, supplied by Kaltenbach.

In the latest edition of its customer magazine, the company warns of potential shortages of reinforcing steels due to the war between Ukraine and Russia. The two countries have now dropped out as suppliers of scrap and wire rod, while energy costs keep surging for EAF mills, Lotter notes.

Lotter encompasses ten sites with steel operations plus several shops for tools, ironware, fittings, construction elements, and liquid gas.

Christian Koehl Germany