Marcegaglia invests in digitisation

Italian steelmaker Marcegaglia is investing in the digitisation of its Italian plants. It is implementing its “MasterModel” innovation project to digitise all re-rolling of hot rolled coil, from pickling to galvanising, a company spokesperson tells Kallanish.

MasterModel is a high-level mathematical software system capable of integrating the metallurgical details of HRC, such as chemical and mechanical properties, and microstructure, with the target quality of the final product. “It adjusts the parameters of the production phases … and optimises the transitions of the thermal cycles in a fully automatic way, providing a customised annealing cycle, coil per coil, ensuring a better homogenisation of the product properties and lower energy consumption,” the spokesperson explains.

French equipment maker Fives has started up its so-called “SmartLine” at Margegalia’s plant in Ravenna. This is a digital strip processing line based on predictive models and process knowledge that optimises the operations of sections of the strip processing line in automatic mode. SmartLine processes incoming coil data, predicts setpoints for targeted properties and adjusts process parameters for each coil. It enables each coil to be produced as first choice from head to tail.

SmartLine has allowed Margegalia to reduce operating expenditure, in particular gas consumption by 10%, while productivity has risen 5% and the firm has obtained a very high stability of the process, says Marcegaglia Ravenna manager and Carbon Steel Flat chief operating officer Aldo Fiorini. SmartLine is the result of a joint development and a tool to produce better, faster and at higher quality, he adds.

Natalia Capra France