Metalshub to digitalise Outokumpu sourcing

Outokumpu will extend its partnership with software solutions provider Metalshub, to digitalise Outokumpu’s raw material sourcing activities.

“Our customers expect us to provide a traceable supply chain and, therefore, we have in place stringent requirements on our suppliers, too. Developing and digitising our supply chain processes is an important part of this work,” the stainless steelmaker says in a statement sent to Kallanish.

Outokumpu has been using Metalshub for spot-demand sourcing through its public tendering process. The steelmaker has now contracted the German-based software forge to expand from solely public tendering purchases to also capturing direct to supplier transactions or contract call-offs via the sourcing platform. This will improve operational efficiency and standardise documentation in the collaboration with suppliers, Outokumpu notes.

“We work together with our suppliers to strengthen the sustainability of the supply chain – including environmental, social and governance aspects. We are now inviting our raw material suppliers to join us on the Metalshub platform,” says Marc-Simon Schaar, chief procurement officer at Outokumpu.

Christian Koehl German