Metinvest, SMS cooperate on decarbonisation

Metinvest has signed with SMS Group and its subsidiary, Paul Wurth, a memorandum of understanding to improve its operational efficiency and environmental performance on decarbonisation of production, the steelmaker says.

The document is also expected to provide the parties with the opportunity to develop and test new technologies to enhance both iron and steelmaking, as well as downstream processes.

‟In working together with SMS, we will be able to better consider the available technical solutions that will improve steelmaking processes,” says Metinvest chief executive officer Yuriy Ryzhenkov. “Our particular focus will be on solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

‟We will examine a whole range of technological solutions together, which includes the application of innovative Paul Wurth technologies for sustainable ironmaking, such as direct reduced ironmaking with our partner Midrex,” notes SMS ceo for Europe Georges Rassel. “Both parties will also cooperate in ‘blue’ blast furnace with reduced CO2 emissions, the use of hydrogen, electrification, digitalisation. As well as carbon capture, usage and storage.”

Earlier, Metinvest аnd Danieli signed an MoU to develop and implement technologies for green and low-carbon steel production (see Kallanish passim). The partnership will cover Metinvest’s steelmaking facilities in Ukraine and the EU.

Svetoslav Abrossimov Bulgaria