Metinvest supplies flats to Ukraine from Italian plants

Metinvest’s trading arm, Metinvest-SMC, has arranged the import into Ukraine of scarce thick plate and hot rolled coil from its assets in Italy, Kallanish notes.

“Due to the difficult situation that has developed with Metinvest’s assets due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, there is a shortage of plate in Ukraine,” the enterprise claims. “To help our clients obtain the desired rolled metal products, specialists from Metinvest-SMC organised the supply of steel products from the Italian assets of Metinvest Group.”

Trametal is a leading European manufacturer of structural steel plate. Ferriera Valsider is an Italian manufacturer of thick plate and HRC.

The total volume of planned deliveries to Ukraine is about 3,500 tonnes, with the first batch already in Ukraine and a second expected soon. “Already now, the first batch of our import delivery from Ferriera Valsider, with a total volume of almost 1,000t of HRC, is available for order and shipment in the Lviv metal centre of Metinvest-SMC,” it adds.

The products in question are HRC 20/30/40/50mm x 2,450mm x 6,000mm, hot-rolled sheet 20/30/50mm x 2,450mm x 9,000mm, hot-rolled sheet 20mm x 2,450mm x 10,000mm, and hot rolled sheet 15/20/30mm x 2,450mm x 12,000mm.

The firm expects the following delivery, from Trametal, to arrive in the near future at the Metinvest-SMC metal centre in Ternopil.

“July turned out to be a productive month for our joint work,” the steelmaker observes. “We are grateful to colleagues from Italian enterprises for their help in the supply of rolled metal products and this is just the beginning of our joint work with foreign partners. In the future, Metinvest-SMC plans to increase the volume of deliveries and the product line by organising imports from other countries.”

Traditionally, before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Metinvest’s Mariupol-based plants would supply plate and HRC to the Italian market, as well as slab for re-rolling at its Italian plants.

Svetoslav Abrossimov Bulgaria