More Italian mills shut down production

Italian rebar producer Valsabbia and section maker Duferdofin are halting production due to the coronavirus outbreak, Kallanish learns from the companies.

This adds to a list of Italian mills that are idling production in northern Italy, some in an unofficial way. Alfa Acciai, the Italian long products supplier headquartered in the Brescia area, has also announced its production will be halted to adhere to the restrictive measures imposed by the local government (see Kallanish passim).

Meanwhile, Italian steelmaker Arvedi and re-roller Marcegaglia issued statements saying production and logistics operations, including shipments and receipt of deliveries, will continue in the coming weeks.

Valsabbia is shutting down production at its Odolo steelworks in Brescia province, the main steelmaking area in the country, as a measure to prevent the spread of the virus within the company. Production stopped on 11 March. The company has not yet communicated a date for resumption.

Duferdofin is also shutting down production at its steelworks in San Zeno Naviglio, also in the Brescia area, starting from 12 March. The company will however continue to deliver material.

Italian trade unions have unanimously requested the stoppage of all industrial production not considered vital at present, to protect workers and help in stopping the spread of the virus in the country. The unions suggested a stoppage until 22 March.