Morocco imposes safeguard on welded pipe imports

The Moroccan authorities have announced the application of safeguard measures on imports of welded pipe, following a period of consultation initiated in October 2019.

According to a statement seen by Kallanish, the safeguard duties will amount to 25% on all imports, excluding those coming from developing countries, according to WTO rules. The duration of the measure is set at three years and the duties will reduced by 1% each year.

The products subject to the new measures are welded pipe under HS codes 7306.19.10.90; 7306.19.99.00; 7306.30.10.99; 7306.30.99.00; 7306.50.10.90; 7306.50.99.00; 7306.61.10.00; 7306.61.90.00; 7306.69.10.00; 7306.69.99.00; 7306.90.10.90 and 7306.90.99.00.

During the investigation, authorities determined that imports of such products negatively impacted the performance of local suppliers. In 2019 these imports reached almost 35,000 tonnes, more than double the levels seen annually during 2015-2018.