One 4 all – digital measuring device for all machines

The BoosterBOX from KALTENBACH.SOLUTIONS GmbH is a digital measuring device for use on all machines and industrial plants. With the help of the accompanying app, the handy box can be installed quickly and collects all relevant data during operation. The machine utilisation, the activity profiles, the machining status, the current set-up times as well as malfunctions or downtimes are displayed as clear graphics and can thus be seen at a glance. Based on the precise measurement, individually adapted decisions can be modulated through the use of artificial intelligence with the aim of achieving a sustainable increase in performance.

Developing functioning interfaces for plants and machines is an extremely complex challenge for IT specialists, because different technologies from different manufacturers use heterogeneous hardware configurations and diverse control software. In terms of implementation, machine interfaces are tedious, expensive, prone to faults and in need of maintenance. KALTENBACH.SOLUTIONS has invested time and know-how to develop a single uncomplicated plug&play solution that covers all existing machines in the industry and also all future machines. Two years have passed since the market launch of the universally applicable BoosterBOX measuring device. 

Today, BoosterBOXes are already being used on over 170 machines in the industry to record exact measurement data during operation and to sustainably increase performance on this solid basis. They can be used on everything from sheet metal working machines to robot welding systems, metal cutting machines and pick-and-place machines. The easy-to-perform assembly and commissioning using the BoosterBOX app is done by the customers themselves. Even a customer’s coffee machine has already been connected to a BoosterBOX to make the number of drinks enjoyed and the preferred types of coffee (capuccino, latte macchiato or espresso) transparent.