Outokumpu secures land, considers nuclear reactor

The Finnish city of Tornio and Outokumpu have signed a pre-agreement regarding Outokumpu’s acquisition of 96 hectares of land in the Koivuluoto area next to Outokumpu’s Tornio operations. The steelmaker may use this to build a small modular nuclear (SMR) reactor, Kallanish notes.

The plan is to use the land area for industrial purposes by Outokumpu and its partners, which Outokumpu says enables it to create a vibrant ecosystem for a circular economy. As possible options for land use, it gives production of hydrogen, chemicals, synthetic fuels, or electricity needed for various industries. For electricity production, Outokumpu is currently reviewing a plan to build an SMR reactor in the Koivuluoto area.

“Outokumpu invests heavily in its sustainability strategy and the target is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 42% by 2030 compared to the 2016 baseline. Land acquisition is one of the corner stones in Outokumpu’s roadmap to enable the achievement of these targets,” says Tony Lindström, general manager of Outokumpu EvoEnergy.

Christian Koehl Germany