Plate maker Dillinger France receives Eur1.8 million green steel subsidy

Plate producer Dillinger France has received Eur1.8 million in state subsidy by the French government to drive up green steel production, German parent company Dillinger said Jan. 14.

The funding will be used to increase the furnace performance by 11% and save 12 GWh of natural gas annually, said Dillinger. This corresponds to a reduction of CO2 emissions by 2,300 mt/year, or 2.7% of the overall emissions produced at the site. The overall costs of the project are Eur10 million said the company.

The pusher furnace no. 2 which is currently undergoing the modernization is scheduled for startup in July 2021. The upgrade will also include increasing slab steel heating capacity for the rolling of heavy plates.

Dillinger wants to save CO2 emissions by installing new “high-performance” burners, a heat recovery system for the waste heat inherent in the flue gas, the limitation of thermal losses, and the utilization of new IT-based furnace operation management models.

The project at Dillinger France is part of the group’s Green Steel initiative, which included the start of injecting hydrogen-rich coke gas in its blast furnaces following an Eur14 million investment in August 2020.

The group has already realized a reduction in energy consumption by about 6% as well as CO2 emissions by 5% during the past seven years, according to the company.

All major steelmakers across Europe are currently investing in green steelmaking projects in an effort to meet carbon reduction targets of 55% by 2030 proposed by the European Commission.

— Laura Varriale