Polish rebar, wire rod prices hold steady in quiet conditions

Polish domestic steel rebar and wire rod prices remained largely unchanged in the week to Friday November 17 in slowing trading conditions, sources told Fastmarkets.

Polish mills kept their offers stable for both products during the assessment period.

Local producers have been trying to achieve higher prices for weeks because their production costs have risen, sources said. But most market participants estimated current levels to be too high.

Thus, no major deals were heard in either the rebar or wire rod market this past week.

Polish mills continued offering rebar at 2,800 Polish zloty ($693) per tonne CPT in the week to Friday, which nets back to 2,780 zloty per tonne ex-works, sources told Fastmarkets.

But higher offers nearer to 2,850 zloty per tonne CPT were also heard in the market, which nets back to around 2,820 zloty per tonne ex-works. Fastmarkets did not include this level in its weekly assessment, because most participants did not consider it to be representative of the wider market.

The workable level for Polish domestic rebar varied between 2,730 and 2,750 zloty per tonne CPT, which nets back to 2,710 and 2,730 zloty per tonne ex-works respectively, according to buyer and distributor sources.

Fastmarkets’ weekly price assessment for steel reinforcing bar (rebar), domestic, exw Poland was 2,710-2,780 zloty per tonne on Friday, narrowing upward by 10 zloty per tonne from 2,700-2,780 zloty per tonne on November 10.

“Demand for domestic rebar is quite stable now. It is a bit better than last week,” a distributor source told Fastmarkets.

A second source also confirmed that demand had improved slightly, but not as much they had expected.

Demand in Poland remained moderate this week, without significant fresh deals, according to a third market source. The third source added that most market participants were waiting for a large local producer to update their prices next week.

Prices for domestic rebar in the secondary market were heard at 2,760-2,780 zloty per tonne CPT, which was close to the levels from the previous week.

Prices for Polish rebar will remain steady until the end of the year, according to a distributor source, who added that they did not expect any significant price increases or decreases.

Offers of imported material from Germany were heard at around €610 ($662) per tonne CPT.

Offers of imported material from Ukraine were heard at €560 per tonne DAP border.

A strengthening zloty versus the euro also incentivized import business this week, a producer source told Fastmarkets.

For instance, €1 was worth 4.38 zloty on Friday, according to currency exchange website Oanda.com. This compares with €1 to 4.45 zloty on November 1 and €1 to 4.62 zloty on October 1.

Wire rod
Polish mills continued offering wire rod in the range of 2,900-3,100 Polish zloty per tonne CPT this week, sources told Fastmarkets.

But the market remained largely flat, and no major deals were heard.

Workable levels were estimated to be in a range of 2,850-2,900 zloty per tonne CPT, according to sources. Levels higher than this were not accepted by the wider market.

Fastmarkets’ weekly price assessment for steel wire rod (drawing quality), domestic, delivered Poland was 2,850-2,900 zloty per tonne on Friday, unchanged from November 10.

Offers of imported material from European producers were heard at around €625-630 per tonne CPT.

Offers of imported mesh-grade material from Ukraine were heard at €605 per tonne ex-works. Some small quantities were also traded at this price during the assessment week, sources said.

Published by: Darina Kahramanova