Rebar distributor Lotter opens site in Frankfurt

Germany’s Lotter Gruppe, a steel distribution group specialising in rebar, has opened a bending shop in the port of Frankfurt, Kallanish learns.

The site is located in the Westhafen district, has a size of 8,000m², and will give the group access to the Rhine-Main region, it says in a statement. Apart from regular bending and cutting services for rebar and mesh, the site also offers Lotter-specific services and products like Bamtec, a carpet-like rollout system for laying rebar.

The Lotter group is headquartered in Ludwigsburg and also sells products for building services, flooring, steel doors and gates, liquefied gas, and sanitary equipment. It has 1,600 employees and in the last financial year generated sales of more than €500 million ($556m). It operates ten locations for rebar in the southwest of Germany.

In a market outlook, its sales subsidiary Lotter Kummetat states that prices for rebar and mesh have surged noticeably in the wake of scrap prices that rose into January. In the case of sort E3, old heavy scrap, the surge was €14/tonne, to €233/t ($259) on average in January’s contracts. Meanwhile, the scrap price surge has flattened, but Lotter Kummetat believes that prices for rebar will keep going up.