Redex develops strip processing solutions in Germany

French-based engineering group Redex announces that it has acquired strategic patents from BWG GmbH, which it will contribute to the operations of Germany’s Ungerer, which it took over two years ago.

Parallel to the latest acquisition, Redex announces the opening of an engineering centre in Duisburg, with the aim of developing new technologies and to support metal strip producers worldwide. Redex operates production facilities in France (Ferrières) and Germany (Pforzheim), and service centres in China (Shanghai) and the USA (New Jersey) which offer a range from engineering services to complete strip processing lines.

Its German unit Ungerer recently introduced a system for flatness measurement in strip steel that combines the commonly-used high tension and low-tension measurement methods. For the system, named UMS PRO, Ungerer has developed a calculator that allows a quick and easy estimate of the return on investment. For example, for thin stainless steel, the investment in the measuring system pays back after three years, Kallanish hears from the company.