Resourex’s trading tool presents “RX Cold Rolled Coil GER”

The current chart “RX Cold Rolled Coil GER” by RESOUREX® reflects the absolute prices in €/ton for cold rolled carbon steel coils on the German market. This indicator provides an insight into the development of prices for cold rolled coils used in a variety of industries, based on RESOUREX´s trading tool.

The chart shows a clear progression that provides important information for companies and analysts to make informed decisions. With this new chart, the price development over a certain period of time can be tracked and possible trends can be identified.

RESOUREX® invite you to use the new chart “RX Cold Rolled Coil GER”, among others, to get a more detailed insight into the price development for cold rolled carbon steel coils in Germany and to make informed business decisions.

The snapshot presented serves as a gateway to a deeper level of market-relevant information.