Saarland mills join Responsible Steel

The major mills in Germany’s Saarland region have joined the global Responsible Steel initiative, Kallanish hears from their parent holding, Stahl-Holding Saar (SHS).

SHS encompasses platemaker Dillinger Hütte and special bar qualities maker Saarstahl. It recently launched a label for low-emission steels under the name Pure Steel+.

“Our membership in ResponsibleSteel shows what motivates us: responsibility for sustainable steel production entirely in line with Pure Steel+,” says SHS chief executive Stefan Rauber. “The initiative’s multi-stakeholder concept emphasises that to achieve a sustainable value creation process, all levels of the steel supply chain must contribute.” The two mills together account for 5 million tonnes/year of steel production.

ResponsibleSteel has over 130 members worldwide, including steel producers and buyers as well as mining companies and civil society organisations. Among other things, the non-profit organisation has developed an independent certification programme for the steel value chain that can be used to certify companies. Its German members so far include thyssenkrupp Steel, the mills of ArcelorMittal, but also distributors like Stahlo.

Christian Koehl Germany