Saarstahl invests in French plants

Germany’s SHS/Saarstahl Group is to invest €7 million ($7.7m) this year into its French subsidiaries Saarstahl Ascoval and Saarstahl Rail to reduce the sites’ carbon footprint and boost their efficiency.

“Our long-term goal is to produce top-quality carbon-neutral steel at the Saint-Saulve site, despite the sharp increase in energy costs, and to position Saarstahl Rail as a key plant for sustainable products for the mobility revolution,” Saarstahl Ascoval and Saarstahl Rail president Klaus Richter says in a note seen by Kallanish.

“Since taking over the mills in August, we have already been able to significantly improve shift output and thus boost performance,” he continues, adding that the company is planning additional investments in the French sites this year.

The SHS/Saarstahl Group employs approximately 1,500 people in France.

Natalia Capra France