Salzgitter adds tailored blanks equipment

Salzgitter has started operating a new stamping line for tailored blanks, Kallanish learns from the German steelmaker.

The addition required the construction of a new hall, which was carried out during the pandemic, the company underlines. The new facility was supplied by Schuler and can work coil of up to 35 tonnes in thicknesses of 0.5-3mm. It can carry out 70 lifts per minute with a cutting power of 800 tonnes, Salzgitter details.

The new line can handle qualities of the highest tensile strength, according to the managing director of tailored blanks unit Salzgitter Europlatinen (SZEP), André Körff. He adds that the unit will especially benefit from the construction of the group’s galvanizing line No.3, which is to start operation next year.

Christian Koehl Germany