Salzgitter commissions Lindemann and Lybover for new shredder

Salzgitter has commissioned the construction of a new scrap shredder, with Düsseldorf-based machine and plant manufacturer Lindemann and Belgian company Lybover chosen as technology suppliers.

The steelmaker announced the shredder plan during its annual conference call last month (see Kallanish 14 March).

The shredder will be located at the integrated steelworks site in Salzgitter, directly adjacent to the SALCOS plant that is currently under construction. It will cost around €30 million ($33m), will be 189 metres long and 66m wide, and enable the processing of high-quality scrap grades, the company states.

According to Salzgitter, Lindemann and Lybover command many years of expertise in the fields of machine technology and shredding, in addition to processing plants and exhaust air technology.

An existing shredder operating at the site is not fit for the future requirements of the steelmaking process, chief executive Gunnar Groebler said during last month’s conference. The new shredder will have a larger processing capacity and be technically more sophisticated in the separation of impurities, producing purer scrap grades for future steel production, he said.

Christian Koehl Germany