Salzgitter orders X-Pact from SMS

Salzgitter has awarded SMS the contract for control systems and process models of the group’s X-Pact product family for its strip mill unit Salzgitter Flachstahl.

The scope of supply also includes the “X-Pact Integrated Temperature Model” as a learning, self-optimising process control feature. This combines all process steps to form a superordinate temperature model and generates comprehensive recommendations for enhancing product quality and plant productivity, Kallanish hears from the technology supplier.

The system features energy-consumption-oriented operating modes as well as forward calculation of entire rolling schedules for manufacturing temperature-sensitive steels with overall improved product characteristics, SMS underlines.

In addition to the level 2 automation, the scope of supply involves the integrated strip guiding control system “X-Pact Centerline Control”, which utilises a camera system to detect deviations in the strip flow.

Christian Koehl Germany