Salzgitter sells construction fabricator unit to Dutch firm

Dutch company Falk Bouwsystemen will take over Salzgitter Bauelemente GmbH (SZBE), effective 1 January, Salzgitter AG informs Kallanish.

SZBE makes trapezoidal profiles, cassette profiles and sandwich elements cut from strip supplied by Salzgitter Flachstahl, located adjacent to the fabricator of construction elements.

Buyer Falk Bouwsystemen is a family-run company with around 150 employees, and thus twice the size of SZBE. The company has focused on the construction of buildings in industry and agriculture for 15 years and ranks as market leader in the Netherlands, according to Salzgitter AG.

Falk’s production volume in the sandwich elements segment totals 5 million square meters, approximately five times SZBE’s volume. Falk claims it is the first company in the world to recycle sandwich elements, thereby reducing the environmental impact by around 40%.

 “This transaction is the perfect fit for our Salzgitter 2030 strategy under which we announced a more active portfolio management in line with the best owner principle,” says Salzgitter chief executive Gunnar Groebler. For Falk, the acquisition means an independent entry into the German market, and it says that it intends to expand production volume at this location.

Christian Koehl Germany