Salzgitter to reduce production, thyssenkrupp raises awareness

Germany’s Salzgitter says in an official statement that it is reducing production “… at some sites,” without being specific about which sites they are, the kind of product involved, or the volume affected. The company had already told Kallanish upon request two weeks ago that it would reduce production in response to the coronavirus crisis.

“The current economic situation is characterised by great uncertainty, incomplete information and a decline in demand that is to some extent already making itself felt. It will therefore be essential to reduce production volumes at some factory locations,” the company writes.

“We are particularly focused on the health of our employees. At the same time, we are also endeavouring to continue business operations as far as possible in order to remain a reliable partner to our customers in this phase,” ceo Heinz-Jörg Fuhrmann says in the statement. He emphasises that “… one thing is certain: There will come a time after the corona crisis.”

Meanwhile thyssenkrupp Steel has issued another bulletin to companies with which it it works regarding conduct in operation on the company’s premises. It recommends wearing face masks especially in processes where a distance of 1.5 metres cannot be guaranteed, and notes that it will ban companies from the premises who do not adhere to the rules. At its site in Duisburg North it has closed gates 1 and 5 as of Friday, and limit access at gate 2. Gates 3, 6 and 7 will remain open around the clock.