Sidenor, Basque country to develop renewable energy project

Special steelmaker Sidenor has signed a partnership agreement with Basque agency EVE to develop a renewable energy project, the Spanish northern regional government tells Kallanish.

The sides created a joint venture company Eguzkind, which will build eight photovoltaic solar plants in Lleida, Tarragona and Barcelona. These will have total power of 43 megawatts.

“The construction of these plants, which will involve an investment of €40 million ($43.8m), is already under development and will begin to supply energy to Sidenor in the last quarter of this year,” EVE says. “The operation of the eight photovoltaic solar plants will make it possible to advance in the decarbonisation of Basque industry and guarantee Sidenor’s electricity supply.”

The steelmaker will purchase the energy through a long-term contract. “The Eguzkind project is an important step for us to become an active part in the generation of renewable energy while reducing CO2 emission in our processes and moving towards the production of green steel,” Sidenor explains.

Todor Kirkov Bulgaria