Sidenor evaluates investment in Reinosa rolling mill

Special steelmaker Sidenor says it is evaluating upgrading the rolling mill at its Reinosa plant in northern Spain. The company considers the project strategic for improving its competitiveness.

¨The investment would represent an important industrial and technological commitment, which would complete the investments made to date by the company to lead the European special steel sector,” Sidenor says in a note. The project was presented at a working group with representatives of the Cantabrian government, the northern regional authority tells Kallanish.

There is no deadline for Sidenor to give the green light for the mill upgrade. The investment is valued at €100 million ($107.7m).

The steelmaker should complete the building of a new 30-kilovolt (Kv) electricity supply line for the Reinosa plant this month. Sidenor is also advancing a project, in collaboration with Basque agency EVE, for the development and use of renewable energy sources. This involves the construction of eight photovoltaic solar plants in Lleida, Tarragona and Barcelona (see Kallanish passim).

The special steelmaker resumed operations at the Reinosa plant’s rolling mill in October, with production involving 20-25 employees working in two shifts, following a forecast for growing market demand in 2024.

Todor Kirkov Bulgaria