Spain’s Megasa upgrades Zaragoza merchant bar mill

Spanish steelmaker Megasa says it will invest almost €100 million ($108.84m) in 2023-2024 in a new preheating furnace at the Megasider Zaragoza plant.

The company will also replace its existing rolling mill with equipment based on environmentally-friendly heating technology, Kallanish notes. The new facility will be designed to produce a wide range of merchant bar.

Megasider’s production was almost 500,000 tonnes last year, with net sales approaching €400m, up 23.1% on €325m in 2021. “These results allowed us to plan a significant investment in expanding the product range and on future-oriented technology to improve energy efficiency at the mill,” the steelmaker’s chief executive, Eduardo Piñera, told Spanish news outlet Heraldo de Aragón.

The upgrade has already been awarded to Germany’s SMS Group. The project includes a walking beam furnace with capacity of 120 tonnes/hour. In addition, the company will supply the so-called SMS Prometheus Level 2 control, which ensures uniform temperature distribution and low oxidation and carbon enrichment of steel.

It will also provide the SMS DigiMod combustion management system and ZeroFlame HY2 burners. These are capable of operating with both natural gas and a blend of natural gas and hydrogen in any ratio, making this furnace hydrogen-ready, SMS says.

Megasider Zaragoza produces merchant bar, as well as a wide range of dimensions and grades of rebar and steel sections.

Todor Kirkov Bulgaria