Spanish steel sector to produce at minimal levels

Major steel companies in Spain could maintain output following an “… interpretative note” published by the country’s National Ministry of Industry on 31 March, Kallanish notes.

According to the authority`s statement “… the manufacturing industry is considered essential insofar as its activity is necessary and is intended to provide the goods and materials necessary for the development of essential sectors.”

The Royal Decree also establishes that those plants whose prolonged shutdown causes damage that makes it impossible or difficult to put them back into production or create a risk of accidents, may remain open. Spanish Industry Minister, Reyes Maroto, requested that the steel sector must maintain minimum activity, taking as a point of reference what happens during weekends or holidays. Electro-intensive industry cannot be halted, so its activity must be ensured although with less mobility of workers, Maroto adds.

Companies and their workers that are involved in import and export activities are also exempt from the application of compulsory paid leave. This is because they are organised in such a way to supply or fulfil international contract commitments, the Spanish government says.