Spanish steelmaker Sidenor to restart production from April 14

Spanish long steel producer Sidenor said it will restart work from April 14 after the lifting of a layoff enforced in Spain March 30 for “non essential activity”.

The company said that the uncertainty over the restrictive measures meant it decided to temporarily idle staff within the bounds of a government decree that allows staff to work outstanding hours owed in the remainder of the year.

The company, which supplies specialized steel to the auto sector, said it expects to see some recovery of the sector during April.

Spain tightened measures for week three of its countrywide lockdown by halting all “non-essential activity”, while week four is expected to see reduced activity due to the national Easter Week holidays.

Following that, for the week starting April 13, those measures are to be reversed, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Sunday, with activity potentially returning to that seen in week 2. However, legislation for this is not likely to be passed until later this week, pending the development of the health situation.

— Gianluca Baratti