Spanish transport disruption impacts steel industry: Unesid

The Spanish steel sector has expressed concern over road transport disruption that has persisted since Monday and is seriously impacting the steel industry, Kallanish notes.

Most large domestic logistics companies stopped their services at the beginning of the week due to higher oil and gas prices. Transport associations are not accepting strike action and have called for dialogue with the government.

The disruption has had a bigger impact than expected, says Unesid. The situation is “affecting steel users and customers, as well as suppliers, which in many cases are SMEs who experience greater difficulty solving this kind of situation,” says the national steel association.

The road transport disruption is exacerbating the existing impact on the steel sector of costlier electricity and post-Covid-19 industry recovery issues, Unesid observes.

“The Spanish economy, and in particular the steel industry, need a quick solution to this problem so that a situation that is already tremendously delicate, as a result of the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine, does not worsen,” the association concludes.

Todor Kirkov Bulgaria