SSAB adds new high-strength steel for lifting applications

Strenx® 1100 Plus

Sweden’s SSAB tells Kallanish that it has launched a new grade of hot-rolled high strength flat steel.

The so-called Strenx 1100 Plus strip steel is designed with improve bending and welding properties, the steelmaker says. This makes it particularly suitable for use in lifting sector applications such as booms, frames, cranes and other lifting equipment.

“This new steel grade gives customers and end users lighter yet stronger equipment that can reach farther, increase payload and improve fuel economy. Strenx 1100 Plus is designed to help boost overall performance and productivity,” SSAB says.

Traditionally, weld seams can represent weak links in the highest grades of structural steels such as S1100 and S900. With its new material, such weld weaknesses are virtually eliminated “… because the strength, elongation and impact toughness properties of the welded area meet the minimum guarantees of the base material,” SSAB adds.