SSAB boosts SmartSteel with Kemppi cloud-based welding software

SSAB continues to evolve its SmartSteel project, launched in May of this year, the high-strength steel specialist tells Kallanish. The latest development involves using cloud-based platforms to streamline base material handling in welding production. This is being carried out in partnership with Finnish welding specialist Kemppi whose welding management software is being used.

The Swedish steelmaker and Kemppi have integrated their respective SmartSteel and WeldEye cloud-based platforms to streamline the handling of the complex array of information to document the welding process.

Collecting welding documentation is time-consuming, SSAB says. Documents have to be collected from different source systems and documenting the welding process is done manually. WeldEye, Kemppi’s welding management software, strives to make the process smoother. It does this by collecting welding parameters digitally from workstations. and even by adjusting the welding equipment according to digital welding procedure specifications (dWPS). To automate the process one step further, SSAB now offers their SmartSteel data through an interface (API) to be used in the procedure.

“Building cloud-based platforms is a new way of doing business together,” says Niko Korte, senior manager of Digital Business Development at SSAB. “We are working our way towards the Internet of Materials. Every initiative like this takes us one step closer to creating a digital identity for steel and complete traceability. We are excited about the future and look forward to partnering with others to create it.”

Following the successful pilot, SSAB customers who are already using Kemppi’s WeldEye software can get automatic material information from the SmartSteel cloud. New partners are also welcome to contact SSAB in order to start developing new services around SmartSteel, the high-strength steel specialist says.