SSAB launches fossil fuel replacement research project

SSAB has announced a new research project in Finland, aimed at transitioning towards fossil-free steelmaking. It will do this by mapping solutions to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy in steelmaking.

The project, called Toward Fossil-free Steel, has a total budget of €10.7 million ($12.6m) for a period of two years, half of which is financed by Business Finland, Kallanish notes.

“The project will also study the smelting of hydrogen-reduced sponge iron in an electric arc furnace, the manufacture of fossil-free lime and new solutions to utilise the by-products created in the steelmaking processes,” SSAB explains.

The new research will add to the ongoing efforts of SSAB to completely remove its carbon dioxide emissions by 2045. The most important initiative in the SSAB transition is HYBRIT, in which steelmaking will be done using EAFs fed with DRI or sponge iron obtained using green hydrogen.

Emanuele Norsa Italy