SSAB operates Italian plant with renewable energy

SSAB is now operating its Italian service centre in Ghedi fully with clean energy after investing last year in solar panels installed on the roof of its production facility, Kallanish notes.

The solar panels will generate an estimated 830 megawatt-hours annually. Ghedi will consume approximately 50% of the solar energy for production, office buildings, and for the charging of electric vehicles, while the rest will be sold back to the grid.

The steelmaker is accelerating the design and production of its two “zero emission” steel products. It is working on a new product that will be commercialised from 2026, while the so-called SSAB Zero is currenlty available, made of recycled steel with fossil-free electricity and biogas.

“The new steel roof… uses a trapezoidal profile provided by Ruukki Construction, a division of the SSAB Group, and is made from sustainable GreenCoat colour coated steel. GreenCoat colour-coated steels use Swedish rapeseed oil in the coating. This unique, patented solution from SSAB reduces the environmental footprint and makes the GreenCoat colour-coated steel product portfolio the greenest offer for roofs, faҫades and rainwater systems on the market,” the company says in a note obtained by Kallanish.

The SSAB Steel Service Center in Ghedi has capacity of 80,000 tonnes/year of cut-to-length products from the steelmaker’s brands such as SSAB Laser, Strenx, SSAB Domex and SSAB Boron.

Natalia Capra France