SSAB upgrades CR mill in Finland

SSAB has tasked Primetals with the next stage of upgrading stand No.1 at SSAB’s four-stand tandem cold rolling mill in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

One year ago, Primetals implemented mill stand drives for the stand No.1, During phases 1 and 2, it upgraded the drive system, including transformers, drive, and motor. In phases 3 and 4, the transformers, drives, and motors of the remaining mill stands will be modernised in a similar way to phases 1 and 2, Kallanish learns from the technology supplier.

In phase 5, an obsolete motor will be refurbished, allowing it to be used as a replacement for the other already modernised motors. The objective of the extensive upgrade is to secure the supply of spare parts for the mill stand drives well into the future. Moreover, the availability of the tandem cold rolling mill will be increased, Primetals explains.

The four-stand tandem cold rolling mill produces coil ranging from 660-1,575mm wide and 0.35-3.1mm thick. The mill, among other things, makes ultra high-strength steel products, mainly for the automotive industry, which provide greater impact protection in cars while reducing weight.

As SSAB is transforming its mills in Luleå and Raahe into mini-mills with electric arc furnaces, Hämeenlinna will be further developed in line with the new production processes, SSAB says in its latest annual report.

Christian Koehl Germany