Steel industry representatives meet at EUROMETAL & YISAD Steel Conference in Istanbul

At the EUROMETAL Steel Day & YISAD Flat Steel Conference, which held at Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia on Thursday, April 27, in cooperation with SteelOrbis and with nearly 300 participants, Metin Tayfun İşeri, chairman of Turkey’s Association of Flat Steel Exporters and Manufacturers (YISAD), and EUROMETAL board member Alexander Julius made the opening speeches.

Tayfun İşeri stated that for the last four to five years efforts have been made to raise the international standing of this annual conference, which is this year being held for the eighth time, and that this year marks the conference’s first collaboration with EUROMETAL.

In his presentation, Alexander Julius informed the participants about EUROMETAL’s services. Stating that 18 European national federations of steel distributors, 50 individual distributors and service centers, and 25 steel trading companies come together under the umbrella of EUROMETAL, he said that the company represents approximately 3,500 companies and 100,000 employees.

Mr. Julius also said that, while Turkey is becoming an increasingly important player for the global steel industry with its imports, it should also be active in exports due to its increasing production capacities.

In this context, he stated that they are working to develop cooperation between European manufacturers and Turkish manufacturers, and that these two regions cannot be considered separately from each other in terms of commerce due to Turkey’s geographical location.

Julius added that, as EUROMETAL, they cover the entire supply chain and have drawn a clear framework for the steel industry as a result of sharing information with their members.