Strategic partnership between Kaltenbach.Solutions and Fraunhofer IPA

Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH has agreed on a strategic partnership in the field of sawing technology with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart. The aim of this joint project is to measurably and sustainably increase the efficiency of sawing machines used in steel and wood processing through the use of digital solutions.

Due to the great demand from the steel and wood processing industries, a solution for the simple digitization of sawing processes is being developed in the Sawing Technology business unit of the Fraunhofer IPA. With 1200 employees, the Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation is one of the largest institutions in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Its research activities focus on the economic production of sustainable and personalized products. In the field of sawing technology, machines and production lines are tested under the direction of Tim Mayer, in addition to components, devices and processes. As a specialist in digital transformation in steel processing, Kaltenbach.Solutions is contributing its proven industry expertise to the agreed collaboration.

Sawing machines in industry are designed for maximum material capacity, which leads to high demands on the processing quality and the cost efficiency of the workflows.  In the first step of the project, automatic data evaluation is planned for circular and band saws in trial operation on Fraunhofer IPA machines. Findings obtained here will subsequently be transferred to series operation. As part of the strategic partnership with Kaltenbach.Solutions, the aim is to achieve a sustainable increase in efficiency in the use of sawing machines through the use of digital monitoring.