Swiss Steel supplies reduced-emissions steel to SFB Group

Swiss Steel will supply its proprietary Green Steel Climate+ products to Schwäbische Formdrehteile (SFB Group), a German maker of precision parts for fluid technology. SFB aims to lower its Scope 3 footprint, which covers purchased materials, Kallanish hears from the German fabricator.

Swiss Steel and SFB previously conducted a joint workshop with a focus on production using Swiss Steel’s XTP, Xtreme Performance technology. This technology enables the thermomechanical rolling of almost any conventionally produced standard steel, according to Swiss Steel.

An ultra-fine microstructure (< 5 µm) can be created through the targeted application of heat and force. This production technique emphasises property characteristics in the material that can otherwise only be achieved by using higher alloy contents or complex, cost-intensive additional operations, the steelmaker explains.

Following intensive discussions, SFB and Swiss Steel have agreed to exclusively source Green Steel Climate+ from the plants in Switzerland (Steeltec) and Germany (Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Speciality Steel) from January 2024.

Christian Koehl Germany