Synergy Tradeco: Driving Sustainability in the Steel Industry through Non-Prime Steel & Scrap Trading and following Circular Economy Practices

Synergy Tradeco NV is contributing towards global emission for steel by dealing in non-prime steel & steel scrap and following a circular economy by encouraging reusing & recycling steel.

Reduced Energy Consumption: Reusing steel helps minimize the need for primary steel production, which requires significant energy inputs. By dealing in non-prime steel and promoting its reuse, Synergy Tradeco contributes to lower energy consumption and reduces associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Conservation of Natural Resources: The reuse of steel reduces the demand for natural resources such as iron ore and coal, which are used in primary steel production. By conserving these natural resources, Synergy Tradeco helps mitigate the environmental impact associated with their extraction and processing.

Waste Reduction: By actively engaging in the circular economy, Synergy Tradeco reduces the amount of steel waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or require disposal. By encouraging recycling steel scrap, the company not only minimizes waste generation but also supports a more sustainable and efficient use of resources in form of billet and slab production mainly through Electric Arc Furnaces globally and supports a more sustainable approach to steel consumption.

Promoting Sustainability: Synergy Tradeco’s circular economy approach aligns with global sustainability goals. By actively supporting the reuse & recycle of steel, the company exemplifies responsible business practices and fosters a more sustainable steel industry.

Overall, Synergy Tradeco’s commitment to dealing in non-prime steel & scrap and promoting the circular economy by encouraging the reuse & recycle of steel reflects a positive step towards reducing global emissions for steel. Their efforts serve as an example for other businesses to adopt more sustainable practices and contribute to a greener and more environmentally friendly steel industry.