Ian Darby replaces Martin Maley as managing director of NASS

The National Association of Steel Service Centres (NASS) wishes to announce that Martin Maley has left the post of Director General with effect from the 28th February 2023.

I am sure that you will join with us to thank Martin for the valuable contribution he has made to the Association in his time in the position.

The Management/Executive Committee have met with a prospective replacement and are pleased to announce that Mr Ian Darby has been employed on an interim basis to the post. The committee have tasked Ian with bringing in new, and hopefully encouraging previous members to re-join the Association.

Ian has been working as the Finance Manager for NASS, and a lot of you will know his father, John Darby who worked in the same position for many years before him.

Hopefully most of you will be at the joint NASS / ISTA meeting in March at the “Hilton Garden Inn, Birmingham” where you will have the chance to meet Ian who is looking forward to introducing himself to you and to give him a chance to explain his vision for the future of NASS.

He is also very keen to hear from the members of NASS as to their ideas on how to improve the services that NASS provide.

Looking forward to meeting you all at the Hilton Garden Inn, on the 23rd March.