Tata Europe launches low-CO2 ‘Zeremis’ steel

Tata Steel Nederland has launched “Zeremis Carbon Lite”, a steel offer with an allocated carbon footprint reduction of up to 100%, Kallanish learns.

The lower CO2 intensity is based on CO2 savings realised within Tata Steel Nederland since 2018 and is certified by independent assurance expert DNV, Tata notes. With the new product, the company says it meets a growing demand for low-CO2 steel, for instance by consumer-facing industries such as automotive, packaging and white goods.

“We see an increasing interest in more environmentally-friendly produced steel in the markets we serve. This is most keen in our consumer-facing customers,” says Tata Steel Nederland chief executive Hans van den Berg.

The initial offering of Zeremis Carbon Lite is a 30% reduction in CO2 intensity benchmarked against the European average for steel products, for example hot rolled coil or cold rolled coil. If customers have higher CO2 emission reduction targets, additional CO2 reduction certificates can be allocated to ensure these targets are met. This even includes CO2 neutral targets, the company claims.

The independent assurance by DNV is designed to ensure that Tata Steel’s methodology used to calculate CO2 emission savings is robust, and that the CO2 emission savings are calculated and allocated in an appropriate way. DNV performed a limited assurance engagement in accordance with the International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3000, Tata says.

Christian Koehl Germany