Tata Steel Nederland offers carbon footprint reduction to customers

Tata Steel Nederland said July 12 it has launched an incentive for customers to reduce carbon footprint up to 100% through Zeremis Carbon Lite advancement, as it works toward transforming operations to produce greener steel.

The launch of Zeremis Carbon Lite will see the company meet a growing demand for low-CO2 steel by consumer facing industries, Tata Steel said in a statement.

Zeremis Carbon Lite offers a 30% reduction in CO2 intensity benchmarked against the European average for steel products, for example hot-rolled coil or cold-rolled coil. “The launch of Zeremis Carbon Lite is an important step since passing on our savings to our customers, helping us to accelerate our transformation to become a more sustainable steel producer,” Tata Steel Nederland Chairman Hans van den Berg said.

The lower CO2 intensity is based on CO2 savings realized within Tata Steel Nederland since 2018 and is certified by independent assurance expert DNV.

Tata Steel targets a CO2 emission reduction of at least 30% by 2030 – when it commissions its first DRI installation – and to emit 75% less CO2 around 2035, the company said in a statement.

“We firmly believe green steel is the future. We will be making steel in a different way before 2030, with less impact on our immediate surroundings and neighbors,” van den Berg said.

Platts assessed hot-rolled coil in Northern Europe at Eur855/mt ex-works Ruhr July 12 up Eur5/mt since July 11, according to data from S&P Global Commodity Insights.

The HRC price has stabilized after several months of downwards trend. This falling price trend in Europe since late March is seen to have come to an end due to a change of approach by domestic mills that stopped giving discounts to stimulate buying and instead started to reduce production to balance supply and demand, market sources said.

Steel demand from the automotive industry has been below usual levels, with continuing component shortages limiting production.

— Catherine Brown