Tata Steel Netherlands splits from British counterpart

Tata Steel Netherlands said Oct. 1 it has reached agreement on the split from Tata Steel Europe and will now continue independently.

In the new structure there is no longer an operational Tata Steel Europe organization, instead Tata Steel Netherlands and Tata Steel UK operate side by side as two independent companies.

The two will continue to cooperate on a small number of activities, including serving joint customers, but the directors and the supervisory board of Tata Steel Netherlands now have full responsibility for Tata Steel Netherlands.

The split represents a historic moment, after 22 years of working with British colleagues.

Tata Steel Netherlands consists of two business units – IJmuiden and Downstream, which comprises Tubes, Plating, Colors, Distribution and Building Systems.

Tata Steel Netherlands recently also announced the choice for the hydrogen route as part of its sustainability strategy. In a few years’ time, IJmuiden will be a substantially different and more sustainable steel company, it said.

— Ekaterina Bouckley